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icecream Recipe
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Date: Mon May 28 13:11:50 1990
From: a366@mindlink.UUCP (Laurel Pedersen)
Subject: Re: REQUEST: Ice Cream/Yogurt
Date: 27 May 90 16:41:39 GMT
Organization: MIND LINK! - British Columbia, Canada
Lines: 17

Two very easy creations I've made in our ice cream maker:
1. Mango Frozen yogurt
Combine 1 can of mangos, mashed & drained, with yogurt and
brown sugar. Freeze as per your maker's directions. I suppose you could do
likewise with any canned fruit. I made sure I put in lots of sugar, as yogurt
is so tart.

2. Instant eggnog icecream.
You'll have to do this when packaged eggnog is in season (Xmas,
Thanksgiving etc.) but all you need to do is freeze it in you icecream maker.
Then serve it with rum on top if you like. My dinner guests & I stumbled upon
this one when we all were craving Hagan-Daz but were all to lazy to go up to
the store to get some.
- --
Laurel Pedersen Mindlink, Vancouver B.C.

"Those who colour within the lines make for a very dull picture."

icecream Recipe

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