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I Want You Back - Love Poems

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I Want You Back --

You were always there for me always by my side I guess I couldn't see with out you I
just can't abide those times I loved the most were just talking with you who
would've known now I'm all alone and all I can do is think of you I loved it when
you held me all safe and warm I felt no harm could touch me in your strong protecting
arms but then I messed up I really don't know why with you I broke up and now I am
sorry all I want, is a second chance I understand that's not easy to do even if you
won't give me a glance I want you to know, I'll always love you
flows down its path Your kiss lifts me up My knees start to weaken At the first sight
of your face My heart starts to melt At the thought of your embrace Your love flows
through me Like a river so high I could probably fall to my death I really wish that
When I looked into your eyes I could see Exactly how it is that You feel about me I
get nervous when you're around me I feel I could cry when you're away I dream about
you Every night and day I want you to know My last three words will always remain
true Regardless of what I may say or do You'll always know that I love you.
in my gloom to I'm sitting in my room there's a mess on the floor I'm waiting come
rushing in the door. I'm laying in my room there's clothes on the bed I'm lonely in
my gloom that never leaves my head. You're sitting in my room you're cluttering my
bed bringing all your hate and doom as you sit in my head. You're laying in my room
I'm forced onto the floor my face shows the gloom as you walk out of my door.
Everything was simple Everything was fine I knew I couldn't have you And I knew why
I tried to move on I dated other guys But then we'd hang out And I knew, to myself I
lied. You noticed me drifting You said "please explain" But, I didn't want to loose
you So, I tried to deal with the pain. It's hard to be with you It gets harder each
day When I look in your eyes I feel my body floating away I miss the way it used to
be You don't feel the change You don't know I really love you I'm sure to you, it's
just a game As I close my eyes tonight I'll pray as I was taught to do I'll pray
that you realize that I love you, but I can't have you
There is this guy I thought I knew.
I really felt a dream come true,
With soft brown hair,
And sparkling eyes,
A caring stare,
And taller than me - what a surprise.
When we talk,
In his eyes I could get lost,
But there's also something in his walk,
And his personality I'd take at any cost.
He makes me feel perfect,
Laughing and alive;
Though getting in touch is quite hectic.
Why I keep going could never be described,
Your loving arms around me,
The taste of your sweet kiss,
So whole when I am with thee -
Apart from you I can't help but miss,
But now I feel different.
I heard of another girl you haven't let go,
And I sit here and lament.
What is going on - could you please let me know?
I cannot begin to understand,
You seem to like me so much,
And now you've got me in the palm of your hand,
In your grasp and free to touch.
These past days I have hoped with all my heart
That she is with you I prayed not.
I'm not fond of such a part,
But the reason I care is because I like you a lot

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