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Love's Path - Love Poems

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Love's Path --

My life was at a crossroads
I didn't know which way to go
I didn't know what I was in for
When I turned and let love flow
Now I'm more afraid than I have ever been
Cause I've found something too precious to lose
So scared I might return somehow
To how I felt before I met you
Every day a constant fight
A battle hope and love must win
To conquer fear, depression, and pain
So my heart can soar again
But now there is no turning back
I have to keep this hope strong
For better or for worse this is the path I've chosen
A path of love that can't be wrong
Each day I travel further
But I no longer go alone
Where once I walked all by myself
Your heart's love has finally shone
And as we walk down this road of ours
Though it scares me, it is still true
You've found a home in my heart and soul
And I'll never stop loving you!!!!!

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