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Fear Of Loving - Love Poems

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Fear Of Loving -- S. Hall Zilla

I'm afraid to love again, I ask you to understand, The only one I ever loved Left my
heart a barren land. I'm afraid fulfillment would elude me, In a lifetime... does it
ever come twice? Anything less would surely undo me, I choose not to pay that price.
I'm afraid to again feel the pain, That consumed me in the end. I couldn't bear it
this time, As my unsuspecting heart did then. I'm afraid to give my all--- ‘Tho you
promise the same in return, Love may again flee, Like the "genie" from a magical urn.
And to give less than my all, would be unfair to you. You deserve so much more, A
love dedicated and true. I want to love again, In the way I'm capable of, I will not
settle for less, I yearn for abiding love. At this moment I have nothing to hope
for, Nothing else to give... I've been robbed of one of life's treasures, It's main
reason to live. I am so vulnerable at this time, I fear what my actions will be, I
will not make a decision Until my heart is free. I love you as a friend, And I want
to do what's right, Let me heal a while longer.... I'll hasten, with all my might. I
need to be worthy of what you offer, So there's no loss... only gain. I never want
to cause anyone, This kind of endless pain. Please... be patient with me.

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