Loan Articles

SBA Loan: Options, Benefits, and Lenders Part 2 of 2 by Cameron Brown
In this second installment, we will further examine what kinds of SBA loan options are available, and for what kinds of businesses they are most advantageous. We will also discuss the different types of SBA lenders.

Education Loans Can Augment The Boundaries Of What You Can Achieve by Amanda Thompson
Education is just degrees or certificates; it is a way to an improved quality of life. It is quite significant and requisite. You have great future plans for your children or even for yourself then education loans can undoubtedly provide you with financial support you need. Education loans, though a financial responsibility can fund all kinds of education expenses like tuition fees, books, room, boarding, computer and student travel. Repayment options also have huge innovations to provide you with easy unburdening of your education loan.

Should You Get A Pay Day Loan? by Tim Gorman
Whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit, you are still eligible for pay day loans. Pay day loans come in all shapes and sizes.

Cyfer - or the blues alternative (low growl and moody guitar). Visit English site or Romanian version.
Last.fm Wiki:
Cyfer is a talented Romanian artist. He has a very solid musical foundation. With his unique voice and a very groove-oriented playing technique, Cyfer always gets the crowd’s appreciation. His charismatic style is obvious during his boogie-influenced songs. He is blessed with many skills, proving the same facility and rigor in playing guitar, mandolin and harmonica. The repertoire range from Cyfer originals to blues classics, in a very inspired and creative manner. His live performance is consistent in both quality and musical style, while the sense of straightforward blues is perfect for the energetic force he brings to audience. Imagine Cyfer stepping off the stage to the roaring crowd, playing a solo, sometimes with his guitar behind his head. It is simply fascinating! It seems that nothing else matters, just being with friends and playing for fun....

Politics Articles

From Democracy to Omniocracy by Charlotte Laws
Should we move away from Democracy-–which is really just a rule by the elite (humans)-–to an Omniocracy (a government of, by and for all living beings). The European Union has added nonhumans to their Constitution, as have Switzerland and Germany.

The Economics of Cloning Armies or Super Families by Lance Winslow
Life is not for sale, but it doesn't matter anyway, it is not cost effective to clone.

Harmonic Beams to Pre-Detonate Shoulder Launched Surface to Air Missiles by Lance Winslow
Anti-International Terrorist Efforts

Legal Articles

Six Keys to Hiring a Great Personal Injury Attorney by Anthony Castelli
Have you been injured in an accident and need to hire a great personal injury attorney? Find out the key questions to ask so you hire the right personal injury attorney.

Stand Up For Your Rights...The Peoples Court by Buel Quirk
Stop getting ripped off by by businesses-- that either do shoddy work or they goof up and refuse to correct their errors;or by individuals-- who refuse to keep their end of the bargain.

Protect Your Job & Wages by Susan Chana Lask
When people call me about employment issues they don't realize one important law- in almost every state you are terminable at will. That means that your employer can fire you anytime and for no reas...

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