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The Dry Fast, a prayer for complete healing

Dry fasting is demanding on the body and mind, but its results can be wonderful. Some people are doing it for weight loss. That is only a small part of the benefit. The dry fast body self healing actions are different to those of water fasting. The process is quick and intense. If you are not well prepared, the experience can be dangerous. You should begin with intermittent dry fasting, counting the hours not the days. The Bible and other spiritual scriptures mention dry fasting. The process is most common to animals on Earth. They know by instinct how to rest, stop food intake and let the body heal itself.


Types of dry fasting

There are two types of dry fast: soft and hard. During the soft dry fasting, you cannot eat or drink, but you can take a shower and come in touch with water. The hard dry fast means no contact with water, no shower, no teeth cleaning, not even dish washing.

Why dry fasting?

In modern times, people accustom their bodies with a constant stream of mostly junk foods. They are not feeding just their bodies. They are feeding old sick cells, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. By not consuming solid food or water, the body faces a difficult situation. This creates a strong competition inside. Life cannot exist without water, so the weak cells and pathogens perish. Toxins burn inside the cells instead of traveling to the excretory system. Thus, the main benefit of dry fasting is the deep prompt cleansing of the body.


If you never tried to detox your body, dry fasting will be unsafe. Your liver and kidneys need to be clean and up for the task. You have several preliminary options to test body reactions:

The level of toxins in the average human body being so high, it is wise to aid the excretory organs as much as possible. There are products design just for that:

After you prepared your body, you can try a dry fast longer then 5 days with great rejuvenation results.

What to expect from a longer dry fast?

The most important moments of a long dry fasting are the 2 acidosis crises. As the body starts to split its own tissues, byproducts of this process start circulating through the body. The pressure on the body increases. It has to maintain the PH within normal limits. This turns on other healing mechanisms, not available when eating, or even when water fasting. The acid environment boosts the activity of phagocytes and other enzymes. Their function is to destroy the weak tissue and alien microorganisms. A study done on Muslim men during Ramadan shows an increasing accumulation of phagocytes after only 12 hours of dry fasting 1)NEUTROPHIL FUNCTION (INNATE IMMUNITY) DURING RAMADAN
Afshineh Latifynia, Mohammad Vojgani, Mohammad Javad Gharagozlou, Sharifian R
Department of Immunology, School of Medicine, Medical Sciences/University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran AYUBMED

The 1st acidosis crisis occurs between 2nd and 4th day of the dry fasting. You may feel an internal heat that gives you body chills. You may have a headache, nausea, malaise and a general discomfort and weakness. After the critical point, it will be easier until the 2nd acidosis. This can occur after the 7th day of dry fasting.

Challenges – Thirst, Heat, Insomnia, Restless Mind

In the beginning, the first challenge is thirst and dry mouth. It will be difficult to keep your mouth moist. You will want to rinse your mouth often. This is not possible if you undertake a hard dry fast, but it’s better this way. The thick mucus that covers your tongue and your teeth has a protective role.

Unlike water fasting when you might feel cold even at the Tropics, during the dry fasting you tend to heat up. This is why it is a good idea to dry fast in the winter. You feel very tired, yet you can’t sleep. Your mind is hyperactive, but you cannot focus on anything.

The activities I found helpful in this situation are:


A quiet place in the forest by the river is the best place for a dry fasting.


It is not wise to take a dry fasting longer then 5 days without medical supervision. There are situation where the procedure is forbidden:

Ending the dry fasting

End your dry fasting with no more then 1 quart (liter) of water. Drink it in small sips. If you drink too much, it will put pressure on your kidneys. The debris throughout the body might give you a headaches if you try to re-hydrate too soon. Go for one day of recovery for every day of dry fasting. Then you will be ready for your normal level of physical activity.

Dry fasting examples

Bible mentions several dry fasting performed by Moses (2 times for 40 days: Exodus 34:28Deuteronomy 9:18), Ezra (Ezra 10:6, duration unknown), The Nation of Israel (3 days, Esther 4:16) and Jesus (40 days, Matt 4:2). In the modern era, we have recorded and supervised attempts of dry fasting. Prahlad Jani claims he lived without food or water for 70 years. Indian scientists tested him for 10 days in 2003, confirming he needs no outside substances. Ram Bahadur Bomjon meditated for 11 months in the forest without eating or drinking. In the western world, most of the cases are accidents. 2 Policeman forgot Andreas Mihavecz in the basement of the prison for 18 days. He survived and he holds the Guiness World Record for the longest time without food or water.

In Russia, there is a good tradition of dry fasting. Dr. Sergei Filonov supervised dry fasting patients for 20 years in the Altai Mountains. He wrote a book called Dry Medical Fasting: Myths and Reality. Unfortunately, it is not yet translated in English.


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Afshineh Latifynia, Mohammad Vojgani, Mohammad Javad Gharagozlou, Sharifian R
Department of Immunology, School of Medicine, Medical Sciences/University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran AYUBMED

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